Wendle Ford Super Bowl

Not many advertisers will be seen in the Superbowl. Even though the pre-game, in-game and post game number of advertisers is large, compared to how many advertisers there are….it’s an extremely small number who actually make it into the most watched programming of all time.

Much of the reason for this is price. We all know the price of a Superbowl commercial is, well, out of the reach of most. But one of our clients, Wendle Motors of Spokane, WA wanted to take a chance and make a big impact with their new vehicle line up. They represent Ford, Nissan, Infiniti and of course sell used vehicles of all brands. Our goal: create a TV commercial worthy of the price to be among the few, very few, local advertisers seen in the Superbowl.

We created our ‘Big Game’ spot with lots of math required to place a ‘team’ of cars and trucks in a football locker room with the proper perspective. The coach, in scene…and the client as talent…had to play the part while select vehicles received the scolding of their ‘play’ and acknowledgement of their potential (selling points). The commercial was a huge hit that went viral and was talked about for over a year. Sales responded as well and the client has revisited the idea of doing it again; despite the expense of being in the Superbowl and producing a commercial worthy of running in it.


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Super Bowl Commercial
Wendle Motors
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