Route of the Hiawatha

Flexible, Multipurpouse Media.

The Route of the Hiawatha hike and bike trail is an historic 15 mile stretch of the old Milwaukee railroad line that has 7 tunnels and 10 ski high trestles traveling over spectacular North Idaho and Western Montana scenery with an easy 2% grade. MDI was hired to get the word out in a bigger way; on a local, regional and national level. We needed to do it on a relatively small marketing budget.

Our anchor medium? Television, which could be converted to digital use with ease and also provided the content needed for long form hotel/motel tourist sites of interest that would play on the hotel’s information channel. It has also served to be a feature story on regional travel magazine television shows.

We also employed regional and national magazines, direct response newspaper and internet tourist reply programs and regional tourism rack cards placed in a multi-State footprint. The results over the past several years have been high single and many double digit increases that comprise more visitors from local, regional, national and even international locations. The most recent addition to the marketing mix has been social and digital PPC initiatives.


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Route of the Hiawatha
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