City of Spokane Valley

City of Spokane Valley “The Friendliest City in Washington” – Case study

The Overview: Research and interviews showed cities with poor permitting departments and unfriendly building inspectors can reduce the area’s future building permit numbers that in turn will decrease and slow the potential economic development growth the city was planning.

The Goals: Of the City of Spokane Valley (COSV) were to create an emotional brand about the COSV and the city’s government, wanting to be a contributing, not a self-serving member of its own community. Increase the permit numbers and promote the permitting process. Make the City of Spokane Valley a 1st choice for relocations in residential and business.

The Opportunity: The two areas primed for economic development in our area are the West Plains and COSV. These two areas have the most open and available land for development. The COSV has a better recruitment story with the strength and health of its community. The story is written, we just need a beautiful cover to sell this to potential and future development coming to this area.

The Hurdles: We needed to develop a brand and campaign that the community could jump on the city’s prideful bandwagon and support spending to promote economic development. This needed to be pulled off with little or no backlash from the community.

The Plan: The City of Spokane Valley (COSV) needed a brand strategy to promote an already fixed permitting department and frame a message to recognize a more friendly permitting process and staff.

The Outcome: We increased permits weekly & created a solid brand for the City of Spokane Valley as the friendliest city to bring your business and your family


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