Associated Industries & ODS Case Study

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Associated Industries & ODS Case Study

The Overview: Associated Industries was looking for ways to convert members & potential new members to sign up on line for Medial Insurance with AI’s partnering provider ODS.

The Goal: Our Advertising needs to send listener/viewer to a ODS landing page so that we can track and judge that the placement and message are working.

The Plan: ADVERTISING: ODS Health (March, 2012) “Now you have a new choice…” campaign. We enhanced the schedule: Radio and TV A.M. & Prime news 30-sec. & 60-sec. spots & Health Minutes in Spokane, Vancouver & Seattle. Print: Seattle Biz, Puget Sound Biz Journal & others plus we added the Online marketing: Pay per Click and Banner ads with an 800 Call Tracking number

The Outcome: This graph shows during the 4th quarter advertising media “hits” or ads (pink line) and the visitors (blue line) the ads drove to the ODS landing page.

ODS Case Study
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