Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is this weekend.  A time for kids of all ages to acknowledge their moms with either flowers, a gift or a brunch somewhere.  Thanks mom for all that you do!  Yes I don’t believe you truly understand what it’s like to be a parent until you are one.  Each generation had that example of what a mother should be and tried to live up to it.  The 50’s generation had Leave it to Beaver, 70’s had the Brady Bunch, 80’s Rosanne and now we have The Middle and Modern Family.  Pretty much a broad spectrum of range of mothers to choose from.   We say were are going to do things differently, but sometimes behavior is just engrained into you.  I have caught myself saying “because I said so!” which most kids can’t argue with, even though they try.

One thing I have realized after being a parent for 23 years is that it never stops.  I thought once they graduate from high school or college they go off with their lives, visit mom and dad, and life goes on.  But unfortunately things happen, wrong decisions made and you worry, worry, and worry.  You worry more about one then the other at times, but then the light bulb comes on that your mother did the same thing.  She fed you, clothed you, wiped noses, cried, laughed, and worried about all the crazy stuff that we did as kids!  Thank goodness there were no camera phones or facebook back then!  Your mother is a real person with feelings and emotions and probably hasn’t stopped worrying about you, even though you’re approaching 50, you’re still her baby and always will be.  So this Mother’s day, take the time to really thank your mom for everything she has done for you and continues to do for you, which at this point maybe a lot of praying.  Happy Mother’s Day everyone!