Let’s talk SMALL

We are all mesmerized by the mega companies that seem to control the commerce world- Wal Mart, Home Depot, Google, Apple, Amazon and on and on.  While we can’t ignore what those companies control, according to the US Census Bureau 99.7% of US businesses are small businesses and the vast majority are comprised of fewer than 20 employees.

That’s who we help market every day.  And you can’t talk about marketing in today’s age without talking about digital.  Understanding digital marketing for your small business is necessary in today’s fast paced, consumer driven economy.  So, when you hear the alphabet soup of terms like contextual, behavioral, geo fencing, cross device targeting, look alike, search, display, hyper local, interstitial, pre-roll and dynamic ads you “understand” them, right? Whoa…wait a minute…I’m just trying to run that small business not learn a second language. We’ve seen far too many business owners and decision makers write checks for digital advertising and they have no clue what it does or if they really NEED it.

So let’s just talk about a handful of tactics you can use to keep you relevant, protect and grow your brand and keep you competitive in the digital space. If you don’t have a website, get one. If it isn’t mobile friendly, get it there.  Just about every aspect of digital marketing is driving traffic to your website. We still see too many websites that were not created with responsive design, meaning they look strange and difficult to navigate on mobile devices.  Additionally, Google has been tightening up its algorithm to push users to sites that are optimized for mobile visitors because of the growth of mobile use. You don’t want to be pushed to page two or three of Google’s search results. Get your site compatible for mobile devices immediately.

Other tactics, many of which you can do yourself,  include Facebook posts, YouTube videos, blogs on your website and Email campaigns.  If you don’t know where to start or don’t have time to tackle them hire a professional…insert MDI Marketing here. 😊

When it comes to getting found on line, beyond the organic ability of your website, let us customize a plan to include paid Search and Display ads to get in front of your perspective customers when they are looking for you. We also recommend a percentage of your budget go towards boosting posts on Facebook to insure they are getting seen as well as using video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram if it makes sense.

This is all tip of the iceberg but it is a great start in getting you targeted visibility without having your head explode trying to understand the acronyms and terms the marketing Guru throws at you.  You may be SMALL but this insures you look BIG!