When you hear “It’s the principle of the thing,” for us that means:  Integrity, Passion and Accountability; just like all the other marketing firms claim.  But we’re not exaggerating.


After 25 years we’ve employed most marketing and advertising tools available to achieve our clients objectives. We have over 25 years of branding, creative design and digital experience; nuff said, we’re still around.


Soon.  Email us at info@mdimarketing.com or call us at 800.645.9659, ext 107. Or you can send a carrier pigeon if that’s more to your liking. As long as they know Google Maps. Before your competitor does.


  • “We look to MDI as more than just a vendor. They are a true partner in our ongoing efforts and have played an integral role over the years in the growth of our organization.”

    Dave Pier - Vice President
    Brett Sports and Entertainment
    Chiefs/Spokane Indians

  • “We’ve grown three fold in the last decade, a lot of that is due to our marketing partner and the whole team there at MDI Marketing.”

    Phil Edholm - President Lookout Pass

  • “MDI took extra steps to ensure our messages reached the target audiences the right number of times and that our budget was well spent. MDI utilized their excellent relationships with the different media outlets and got us the best rates possible to get our message out. The campaign has been a success and thanks to John and MDI, our City is known as the “friendliest permitting in Washington.” We receive comments and letters frequently to confirm we have attained our goal.”

    Mike Jackson - City of Spokane Valley